July 10, 2017




Hai Ambrose - thanks for chatting to me about your work!


No stress at all, thanks for asking!



How would you define your visual style?


As cheesy and lame as it sounds I would honestly say it's still evolving/ I'm still trying to figure out what it is. What I did for this project is totally different to any of my previous work. If I had to guess I'd say that it focuses a lot around the use of space to frame a subject in a photo? That sounds super vague but its something throughout all my work I've consistently come back to.




You’ve just debuted with J. Richardson on rad new show at  C E R E M O N Y,  can you tell us a little bit about the idea behind your works?


Yeah of course! So my biggest thing going into this with Jed was sticking to a unified theme/subject throughout all the work. Usually my stuff is pretty scattered and I'd never tried to just have one subject for a whole project (which in this case was a hand) so it was a really interesting challenge for me. It was also really great to see how Jed and I interpreted the same subject but in totally different styles, mine being quite colourful and his being very monochromatic.





Who are your three favourite artists?


Man that's tough. If we're talking about artists in a broad way and not just strictly visual artists, I'd have to say Jordan arts (for his musical work both as a solo artist and with Leisure as well as his visual projects) because he seems to do absolutely everything and does it really well, Ken Griffen because his illustration style is just so rad, and finally Fraser Chatham because his work blurs the line between digital art/vectors and photography in consistently new ways and it's really cool to see just how far studio photography can be taken.



If you were stuck on a deserted island, would you rather have fidget spinners or minion memes to survive?


You can't make me choose!!



Head to  C E R E M O N Y  to view Ambrose and J. Richardson's rad new works.




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