July 10, 2017


Spicy self-taught textile artist Siobhan Ridgley (A.K.A. Lunatype) specialises in embroidering a beautiful array of flowers, fauna, forms, and figures onto wearable pieces.


I fell in-luv with this zesty gal pal last year when I asked her to come over for a craft night and she clapped bak with “I’d like to quote Ryan Reynolds critically acclaimed blockbuster “Definitely Maybe”. 

Hello my dude! Thank you for taking the time out to chit chat with me. When did you start stitching, and how did the art-form come about for you?


I started doing embroidery in March 2016. I had been doing art as a healthy coping mechanism since 2015 after I had a breakdown. As a way of forcing myself to keep it up I was posting my illustrations online. I saw a girl embroidering on the bus one day and decided that that's what I wanted to do so I bought some linen and an embroidery hoop and just hooned it.



The ‘click’ & ‘pull’ sound of threading is real noice, real therapeutic. Do you use embroidery as a means to chillax?


Absolutely mine dude. The length of time that it takes to create hand embroidered designs forces u to be patient and focus on every single stitch. I usually watch to shows and movies while I stitch so the little "pop"s are just as soothing as an analog clock. I have p bad anxiety so embroidery is kind of like an artistic meditation that just brings u into the moment. It's really excellent for gaining perspective,



You’ve been super busy stitching up commissions for the past year, what are the most common requests that beans give you?


Beans love Frida Kahlo. Honestly my most common ones are definitely the realistic celebrity embroideries.



Top THREE favourite artists, and why?


1) Oh HECK, u know that's so hard for me. My favourite has probably got to to be Paloma Smith. She's such a talented multimedia artist who has such a clear vision for what she produces and they are all just so beautiful and different. I've never seen anything like what she produces.


2) I also absolutely adore Hannah Hill for similar reasons. She's mostly focused on hand embroidery too and she stitched an Arthur meme that's bloody legendary.


Third I'd have to say Kim Mighi, I'm dying to go over to South Korea and just let her tattoo the FRICK outta me.



What upcoming & exciting projects are you working on?


Well ;) There ;) Might ;) Be ;) A ;) Monster ;) Valley ;) Exhibition ;) Coming ;) Up ;)

Honestly I just really wanna get stuck back into my abstract embroideries and exploring what I can do with the medium. It's harder these days as I'm working and back at uni again but I'm studying Textile Design at AUT which is giving me more skills which I'm hoping to incorporate into my work soon.



Hit this gal up on or Lunatype to rax one of her heckin’ hand-made embroideries.




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