THE WORST GENERATION - An Exhibition by Jasper Jay

June 21, 2017





"The idea behind The Worst Generation is to showcase a series of young adults growing up in what I consider a generation plagued by technology and few true moments to treasure with a lack of human connection.



Growing up in Auckland and seeing our city develop, I've had many of my close friends seek employment and careers overseas due to the lack of growth and disturbingly high house prices of which I also factor in to the title. I guess to sum it up, I've lost faith in humanity but still hold a small hope within those close to me. This is a Project I started in August 2016 where I decided I wanted to take my hand to portrait photography. I thought to myself, where better to start than my closest friends. Coming from a filmmakers point of view I decided I would capture not only photographs, but intimate moments on camera as well, of which I would compile into a short clip, above is a teaser of whats to come. Over the time of this project I would capture 12 unique individuals of whom I have encountered throughout my 25 years on this earth, some bringing a rather large impact on my life, shaping me into who I am today. For each subject matter I would incorporate three photos, of which I plan to exhibit June 27th this year with prints. More information soon.


- Jasper Jay



Hang with the beasts of MV at The Worst Generation - An Exhibition by Jasper Jay! For one night only at Monster Valley's Poynton Studio. Live tunes from Shiraz & LSJ, rad vibes by WhyFi.



The Worst Generation - An Exhibition by Jasper Jay
Tuesday, 27 June

18:00 - 21:00

Monster Valley's Poynton Studio

Free entry




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