Fuji Film Superia, Agfa Vista, Dexter Murray

June 13, 2017

This story originally appeared in the Black Lagoon Volume 2.






Hey Dexter! Where are you based and what do you do?


Hey! I dot back and forth between Wellington and Auckland. I try to make things look nice through photography and design.



How would you describe your photographic style?


My eye is drawn to light and shadow and how it interacts with people and things, I want to document what’s happening around me and express how I see it.



Why do you shoot? And what does photography personally mean to you?


It’s the fear of boredom - it’s easy to look at the world but capturing how you look at it can be a challenge and that’s what keeps me going. Photography pushes me into places I wouldn’t normally be comfortable in and that’s led to so many amazing experiences and friendships.



Who do you consider to be your top three visual artists, and why?


A Daniel Arnold (@arnold_daniel) - The scenes he captures are split seconds which come together to tell amazing stories. Just go look at his Instagram and you’ll see.

B Harry Mckenzie (@_harrymckenzie) - His work are comical doodles of everyday thoughts and quotes, it’s relatable for everyone.

C David Shrigley - It makes no sense and so much sense at the same time.



As an avid shooter of 35mm, what do you consider to be the best brand of lm for this medium?


Whatever you can get your hands on, most of my shots are just on cheap Fuji film Superia or Agfa Vista. I’ve seen amazing results from terrible lm and terrible results from amazing lm. It’s what you do with it that counts.



Being an artist can be fukin wrekt at times, but fukin rad most of the time. What challenges do you face as an artist stand out?


I’m currently studying design and I think my biggest challenge is balancing grades/pleasing the teachers, creating something I’m proud of and working within the time limit. It all becomes a cluster of stress and coffee and late nights but I love it! It’s also probably nowhere near as scary as the real world.



Regarding cinematography and atmospheric aesthetics, what are your two favourite films?


A Enter The Void, directed by Gaspar Noé - Just under 2 hours of amazing confusion. You’ll leave questioning everything.
B The Fast & Furious Series - That doesn’t need explaining.





You’re an art boi of many talents. What creative medium would you love to pursue, but have not yet?

I love sculpture and ceramic work! They’re both things I would love to try but just haven’t because of laziness, money and availability of resources. There’s time and I’m sure I’ll get there!



Are you working on any upcoming and exciting projects?


I don’t have anything huge in the works at the moment, just pottering along and working with cool people. I’m always open to new ideas and collaborating so anyone is welcoming to hit me with stuff!



Thank you Dex! U r rad!


Thanks Toni!!! Shoutout to everyone rad who’s been with me on this journey and everyone who’s going to join! You all know who you are.




© 2017 by Toni Gill


This story originally appeared in the Black Lagoon Volume 2.


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