May 29, 2017


Artist @chippydraws.



This story appeared in the Black Lagoon Volume 1.



Hey Chippy. Where’s the name from?

Hello! I worked at Ponsonby Fish & Chip Shop while I was at uni and the name seems to have stuck!



What were the last things you a) listened to, b) ate and c) watched?

a) A mix from Riohv on Soundcloud.

b) Some zucchini tomato pasta I cooked up.

c) Green Room by Jeremy Saulnier.



Where are you from and what do you do?

Born and raised in Auckland! I spend most of my time printing, making zines and drawing pictures of weirdo creatures I make up.



How would you describe your style?

Deep fried outerspace colourful marshmallow mess.



You run Inky Palms. When did you start and why?

Yeah I co-run Inky with my partner Cait. I started the space at the beginning of 2015 with a couple other mates while we were finishing uni. Our main intention was always to use it as a studio for ourselves to create art and music and to also allow other local artists to showcase their own work through exhibitions, zines launches and gigs.



PSYCH GOBLINS by @chippydraws.



Your shop is also an art gallery?

Inky Palms is an art studio/gallery space more so than a shop. We do make and sell our own zines and other works of art when we can but running it as a full time retail space has never really taken our focus.



Have other exhibitions influenced your artwork in any way?

Recently we had Jeremy Cosmo Potts showcase his exhibition ‘Punching in a Cosmic Cheat Code’ at Inky which was a lot of fun and definitely influenced me. It was a very full-on show which was overloaded with his distinctive and often eyebrow raising illustrations. I’m super into very cartoonish illustrative art and I’m keen to see more of it happening in AKL.



Who or what do you get your inspiration from?

Weirdo plants and silly underwater creatures.



Plans for 2017?

Keen to get a bit of travelling done, release some more zines for AKL Zinefest and I’m thinking about doing my first solo show towards the end of the year!



Favourite quote or lyric:


“Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar”




© 2017 by Karl Sheridan


This story appeared in the Black Lagoon Volume 1.



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