May 7, 2017


This story appeared in the Black Lagoon Volume 1.



What were the last things you A) listened to, B) ate and C) watched?

A) Tago Mago by Can.
B) Hash Browns.
C) Bojack Horseman.


Where are you from and what do you do?

I live in Auckland. I’m a freelance illustrator, screenprinter, musician and dad.


How would you describe your style?

It ranges quite a lot from trippy psychedelic imagery to comic and graphic styles. It’s both loose and tight and I mostly do free-hand work with aspects of collage in there sometimes.


You run @RAWPOWERPRINT. When did you start and why?

I started screen printing and putting out t-shirts and other printed designs under the ‘RAW POWER’ name maybe three years ago now. I’ve always done illustration and doodles, mostly for posters and music stuff and was always into the look of screen printed work. I figured that screen printing would be a cool way to mass produce my work, for paper prints and as designs for t-shirts. It’s also handy to print if you’re play music and need merch. I think music affiliated design and illustration makes for my favourite projects.


You’re also in a band?

Yep, I play in a band called X-Ray Fiends, although we’ll be taking a break to mix it up with a new project. I also play here and there in Magic Factory, playing keys and slide guitar in the background.


Has music influenced your artwork in any way?

Yea for sure, I think music largely drew me to illustration and design in the first place. Growing up, some of my favourite work was record sleeve designs and gig posters. But music itself has had an impression on me. Music can evoke a mood or a vibe that can be worked into visuals. You gotta have the jams when you’re working.





Who or what do you get your inspiration from?

Record sleeve art and gig posters are a big influence, especially when I was younger digging into ‘older music.’ A lot of the art Raymond Pettibon did for Black Flag and Winston Smiths and

Gee Vaucher’s collage works for Dead Kennedys and Crass respectively made an early and long lasting impact. I also love the psychedelic poster work of Victor Moscoso and Stanley Mouse and the comic work of Robert Crumb too. Eighties - nineties skate art, especially Jim Phillips’ work for Santa Cruz - lots of ooze, slime and loud colours!


Plans for 2017?

Do as much work as possible, maybe do a show? I’m real keen to do more editioned print posters for the local music scene too. You don’t see very much of that in NZ. I’m keen to play more music and record with the new project too.


Favourite quote or lyric:

I’m a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm

I’m a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb

(Off the Stooges’ RAW POWER LP, of course).



© 2017 by Karl Sheridan


This story appeared in the Black Lagoon Volume 1.



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