May 8, 2017


Self-portrait: @sophiemiyas repping Monster Valley creative @toni_gill's Barbed Wire hoops.



This story appeared in the Black Lagoon Volume 1.



Give us a little introduction?

Hi hi! Well my name is Sophie Miya-Smith, I’m twenty years old and I’m currently a graphic design student at AUT - but I’ve been freelancing as a photographer for almost six years now.


What do you love about your craft?

I guess you could say that photography is my way of executing my inner artist - since I can’t draw or paint to save myself. And with that I’m able to capture emotion but through a visual sense, and of course before your very eyes. Plus every time you’re photographing it’s going to be a different experience.



Your inspirations behind photography?

Honestly just people who I’m surrounded by. Whether it’s intimate or someone just passing by. I definitely think the environment that you put yourself in; affects your inspirations for just about anything.


Themes in your work?

I love fashion photography and that’s definitely a commercial area I would like to focus on. A recent assignment required me to produce a fine art nude. So I got in a ballerina and she danced in flour while I captured the incredible moves her body was capable of doing. It was definitely a challenge, because the whole ‘fashion’ element that I’m into was kind of stripped from the scene (literally).






You have recently got back from living in San Francisco, America. How has this experience change or grown your art form?

San Francisco is also one of the most vibrant, liberal places you could go to. So I think that definitely influenced my work in many ways. Everything became a bit more colourful and edgy. Also being seen as an outsider, I tended to make more cultural connections within my work.


What did you miss while away?

Easy - clean streets, fresh air and fresh grass that you can run barefoot in. Sounds cliche but it’s true. Other than that, I missed the people and their cheery attitudes about everything.





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This story appeared in the Black Lagoon Volume 1.



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